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As Trekkies we have admired Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek New Generation. In my humble opinion he is the BEST captain of all the Star Trek Universe but it is just that – my opinion. Nevermind that I’ve had a crush on this fictional character since college. We are very fortunate to have aContinue reading “WWPD?”

Avocado Toast

Really? Am I really about to write a blog post about toast? Yup. I know I’m really late to the game as it was a trend in 2010 but did you know people have been eating it forever? And why not? We have been adding anything and everthing to toast forever so it is noContinue reading “Avocado Toast”

Picking Off Scabs

I really really really want to write about funny things on this blog but I keep writing about mental health. My hope is that it might help someone else out there. I’m no expert and I have never claimed to be but sharing is caring, right? If you are a subscriber you know that IContinue reading “Picking Off Scabs”

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