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Teens Are Not Thugs

Teenagers have a bad reputation as a group. Just like any other group there are good and bad people intermixed. But too often, our society becomes prejudiced by a group and judge all of them based on a small percentage’s behavior. That is unfair and sets everyone up for failure. I remember shopping at ourContinue reading “Teens Are Not Thugs”

Landscaping Part IV

Alright, alright cool cats and kittens. . .I’m a little delirious from the yardwork which is pathetic since most of the hard labor was done by the youngins. Have I said I’m too old for this shit yet? LOL Here are some photos from today’s work. My friend comes tomorrow to help me edge. THENContinue reading “Landscaping Part IV”

My career path, part 3

After I quit Kmart, I took about a six-month break. I looked into selling crafts, working from home, sewing costumes, stuff like that. I slept a lot, spent time with friends, and broke up with Larry the loser. But eventually my savings started running low, and I knew it was time to find a regularContinue reading “My career path, part 3”

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