That fateful day. . .

I don’t remember what exact date it was either but I know our meeting was happenstance and yet meant to be – paradoxical just like our friendship. I was a timid thing in college. I was reserved and fearful of anything new. I was standing on the porch of a good friend’s apartment hoping to find him home. Laurence was one of the few people from my high school that I trusted. As I waited in the heat, a formidable figure approached the same door. She knocked on the door with purpose – ignoring me. “Damn it Grey!” She eyed me suspiciously trying to figure out why I was standing there. We knew of each other but really did not know anything more than I was a friend of her boyfriend’s roommate. With a sigh she didn’t so much ask as order me to have lunch with her. I was too afraid to say no. So with a nod I was whisked away into her little white Colt and with dizzying speed we arrived at the only Chinese restaurant in town. We had terrible Chinese but fantastic conversation and our friendship blossomed from there. We liked each others’ company far more than any guy after that.

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Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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