The way I remember it…

Horrible picture of me – I really need to dig through my old photos, from when we were young and hot.

Okay, Bridgette makes me sound like a force of nature, and herself like a mouse.

I was a bit gruff and straight forward – I was over compensating for my usual inclination to hide. I am an introvert at heart, a true wallflower. It has taken me years to learn how to be social.

But she was no mouse. The first time we met, she was at my boyfriend’s apartment (she was good friends with his roommate) and she was so damn funny and witty, and naturally chatty, in a way I’ve never been able to do – I was immediately jealous, and I KNEW she was going to steal my boyfriend. I mean, who wouldn’t want her? She was amazing, and I did not like that.

Side note – I hated to eat alone. Weird, because I love doing many things alone. But especially back then, I hated to eat alone. Fitting that my first real opportunity to get to know Bridgette centered around food, because so much of our lives centers around food.

So I came to the apartment looking for someone to have lunch with me. There was a new Chinese restaurant in town, which was exciting because it was our first. I was so disappointed that no one was there. And then I noticed Bridgette, lurking to the side. (She has told me many times since then that I scared her. Oops.)

There really was a battle in my head. Eat alone, or ask this boyfriend thief to go with me?

I guess my more sensible nature prevailed, pointing out that there was no evidence that she was trying to steal my guy. No evidence that he was interested in her. They had known each other for a while, and they weren’t already dating, so why should that change now? I don’t know why, but logic won that day. And I’m so glad.

Yes, I asked her to have lunch with me. Yes, she came because she was scared to say no.

And once we sat down, we immediately started critiquing the food, and how it could be better, and laughing at the name of the restaurant – Fu Kwei Palace. Of course, we called it the fuck you palace. And I realized that she TRULY wasn’t interested in my guy, which made me completely free to enjoy her company.

I eventually dumped the guy, and Bridgette and I have continued our friendship. We even had the opportunity to live together for a couple of years, which was so much fun. If it weren’t for the fact that both of us really are heterosexual, we would have gotten married and been done with it.

But she met Samuel and moved away and had kids, and eventually Michael fell into my life, and that is very good for both of us.

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