When a Crab meets a Scorpion

The Zodiac is fun. Remember reading the newspaper (all the kids say what is that?) and finding your horoscope and being surprised at how “accurate” it was? No matter what your beliefs, you have to agree the Zodiac is fascinating. If you look up my birthday you will discover that I am a SCORPIO. As a closeted introvert it was a surprise to me. Real scorpions are scary little buggers. If you keep reading, the characteristics of Scorpios are that we are hard workers, we recognize easily the emotions of others and we accept compromise instead of aggressive reaction. It is scary how accurate that is. That does not mean I would not fight aggressively for the people I love, however. I am fiercely loyal and if you are mean to my friends I will “sting” you! Descriptions of Scorpios go on to explain that we prefer clear paths, rules and procedures. Amen! I drive people crazy with my planning. I was considered a goody two shoes in high school because I never get a demerit (yeah, that takes some of you wayyyy back right?). A Scorpio supposedly dislikes almost every change and has great willpower. Check and check. I do not live my life by the Zodiac and never have but it always fascinated me that these statements rang true with me. Turns out my best friend in the universe is the Crab. You know how Google works – look it up. What I can tell you is that we were both introverts and didn’t know it. How self aware ARE college kids anyway? Plus, I was so far behind in emotional growth – that is a story for another time-I was awkward and really hard to get to know. I found out rather quickly that JoAnne was shy too. As we spent more time together we grew and helped each other as we went through changes. It is no surprise that we are both a little hard on the outside but squishy on the inside – wait that is so gross. What I mean is that we both look prickly on the outside but. . .that’s not right either. Damn it! We are both intense but we are also sweet and fun. There! Now I put my English degree to use. When you are turning 53 your brain does not work as smoothly as it used to.

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Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

2 thoughts on “When a Crab meets a Scorpion

  1. If you don’t feel like googling it, a crab is traditionally a homebody, and very loyal. Also moody and over sensitive, with a tendency to hide. All of that is accurate for me.
    Also says we are vindictive, and that’s a big no. After I hide for a bit, I’m fine. No grudges.
    Haha, it also says I’m thrifty, sometimes too thrifty. Nailed it.

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  2. Also, I’m a double cancer – my birth sign is cancer, and my rising sign is cancer. That basically means that I am what I am. What you see is what you get. The phrase “but what will they think?” rarely goes through my brain.

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