National Cat Day!

At 7:00AM my iPhone reminded me that today was National Cat Day. First, who put a reminder with an alarm for 7am? Oh yeah, that would be me. I’m up by 5:30am most mornings. When you are born into a military family some habits die hard. JoAnne and I are crazy about cats. I mean, I only have one so I’m not a crazy cat lady but I so love them. Dog lovers, don’t hate – they are cute too! Please don’t unsubscribe because we are cat people. Second, is this a real “holiday”? America has so many holidays it is hard to keep up. So like so many people I Googled it and discovered it is a fairly new “awareness day”. So not truly a holiday but still cool. In 2005 it was first celebrated “to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year. . . ” Colleen Paige supported by ASPC is credited for being the founder of this day. Pretty cool. In my house every day is cat day. Ivan, our 4 year old Russian Blue Grey Tabby mix, rules our home with purrs, rubs and loud mews. He has brought us so much joy and comfort. He knows when each of us do not feel well and will hang out with that person until we are back to ourselves. He is gorgeous. His vets dubbed him sexy boy the first time they met him – he even has natural “guy liner” around his eyes. He smizes better than any Top Model. Cats are not for everyone, I know, but even my “I’m a dog guy” husband is hopelessly under Ivan’s spell. If you are looking for companionship but do not want to walk an animal on rainy days and pick up his poop presents as you go – a cat may be perfect for you. They deposit their gifts in a box and if you have kids you make them scoop it. In return they will sit on your lap, snuggle with your head or sit and stare adoringly at you. If you do have a cat, give them some extra attention today because it is THEIR DAY.

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