I made a roast.

Whoop de fucking doo!

I mean, people make roasts all the time.

But I was pleased with how this turned out, so I thought I’d tell you about it.

I’ve really gotten into sous vide lately. It really does turn out a nice tender piece of meat, and you can cook it to exactly your preferred “done” level.

I like my beef medium rare. Mom and Michael prefer medium. So I’ve found just the right temp in between that satisfies all of us.

I use a vacuum sealer, because I already have one, so why shouldn’t I? But you can also do it in a ziplock bag.

Mom’s been asking for a roast lately, and I know she’s wanting a pot roast. But the prices on chuck roast have been ridiculous. So when I came across this bottom round, I decided to see if I could make something worthwhile.

So I seasoned it pretty well with Montreal seasoning (just because I was too lazy to pull out a bunch of different spices) and sealed it up.

I threw it in the water, set at 138 degrees.

And then ignored it for 24 hours.

It turned out quite good, tender enough to easily slice and eat. And delicious with some gravy I made from the juice left in the bag.

The next night I sliced up the rest, and sautéed it with onions and mushrooms, and made lovely steak and cheese sandwiches, along with gravy fries.

And tonight, I’ll take what’s left, throw it in my instant pot, and make a beef stew.

So three meals, for three people = less than a dollar each. I love it when I can make great food at a bargain!!

Also, I have discovered that I suck at taking pictures of food when it’s done. I’m so focused on timing, and getting it on the table for my mother while it’s still hot, that I don’t think of arranging it and taking a picture. Maybe I’ll remember eventually…

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