Born on All Saints Day?

November 1, 2020 was my 53rd birthday. Does anyone even know about All Saints Day? I didn’t until I was 16 and a Catholic told me. She was so happy FOR me. I couldn’t share in her enthusiasm but I nodded and smiled like I always did back then. It really didn’t matter to me what day I was born but it seemed important to her. This birthday was significant for other reasons. This was my first birthday without my father – he passed away November 14, 2019. I know what you are thinking. . .how are you going to laugh about this? I didn’t at first honestly. My husband and I sat at the dining room table and we talked about Daddy. In the end though the funny stories came out. I loved his country accent and all of his quips. I remembered how he taught me that the air smelled “like rain” right before the rain came. Then the rain just started pouring down outside. We had planned to have a quiet day at home anyway so it was perfect. I’ve cried enough I think. I know I will cry some more but I need to laugh and smile more. So here’s a funny Daddy story for you. When cancer was starting to kick his butt and he was having trouble getting out of his recliner, I would scoop him up in my arms and help him stand. One time we both wobbled. He could barely talk but he giggled (GOD I loved his boyish giggle and Elvis smile) and then acted like we were dancing. He is the reason I truly say “we might as well laugh”. If he can laugh at himself, so can I. SO CAN YOU.

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One thought on “Born on All Saints Day?

  1. Bridgette’s dad and I “adopted” each other back when we were still in college. My father and I weren’t close, so I really enjoyed having someone in my life who acted like a father should. I called him “daddy” and he called me “his daughter.”
    Of course, his wife was Korean, and his two actual daughters had dark hair. I am blonde, with pasty white skin. So it was always a great joke when we would all go out for dinner, and he would introduce me as “his daughter.” The looks on people’s faces was hilarious! Especially since we were usually eating in their hometown, which is not known for being open minded…


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