Oh, I really do love to can food!

This weekend I made apple butter.

I never was a big fan, but every one I know likes it so much. And I always have too many apples from our tree, so I started making it to give away.

So silky smooth

One jar didn’t seal, so we will be forced to eat it.

Honestly, it has really grown on me. Enough that I’m willing to just spread it on whatever piece of bread I have handy, and shove it down.

Mmm. Try it on sweet potato fries.

When I cook, I’m willing to take smart shortcuts, but only if it still leaves a traditional product. I love my sous vide and instant pot, but some things just take time. Apple butter needs to cook slowly, with traditional spices. (No red hots, and no added pectin!)

The result is just delightful.

Eventually, I hope to post actual information and recipes for some of my favorite foods. But right now I’m still learning how to blog, and take pictures of food. I know there are so many other sites out there with tons of cooking and canning info. But it is something I love to do, and this blog is all about things Bridgette and I love. So I hope our lovely readers won’t find that too tedious.

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