I am a nervous wreck

I’m not the type of person that gets stressed. It serves no purpose.

But today, I am.

So many of my plans for the future are dependent on the presidential election.

It seems weird, that my future could be so tied into an election. And not just in a vague way, that I would prefer one candidate over the other, or I think one will do a better job.

Thanks to Covid, I have had my nice secure job cut from full time to part time. I miss the money, but I have discovered that I REALLY like working part time. I like having the time to do things around the house, make sure my mother has what she needs, and have fun creating more exciting meals than just frozen pizza.

My boss has also discovered that I can complete all of my work, even part time. We have a tempestuous relationship – he is a good person, but as a boss he is a dick. He gets mad when I waste time on the computer, but I really do already have my work finished. It’s not my fault that I’m competent and knowledgeable. It would take most other people 2-3 times as long to do the work. So why should I be punished for being good?

Any way, I can do all the work in half the time. He likes that, since he’s not paying me to mess around. (Other than the fact that he has to answer the phones when I’m not there.) I like it, because instead of wasting time, I can go home and be productive. It’s a win win, right?

But – if this part time thing becomes permanent, I will lose my health insurance.

And if there is any chance of the Affordable Care Act being dissolved, well – I can’t take that chance.

So if Trump wins, besides all of the absolute mess that he will continue to make of this country, I will have to find a job that includes health insurance. Whether it is back to full time with my current employer, or a new job completely – I will have no choice.

Our country’s weird idea that health insurance should be tied to employment is nuts. Not everything is about being employed. Being a caretaker for a parent, or a stay at home parent, or maybe working a part time job (or several), or a job as an independent contractor – shouldn’t keep someone from reasonably priced insurance.

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