I had a head of Napa cabbage…

I learned in math class that

if A=B, and B=C, then A=C

So I submit that

if Bridgette is half Korean, and I am Bridgette’s sister (of the heart), then I am half Korean. Yes?

Alright, that might not pass a hard logic test. But I do feel “related” to the Korean culture because of my love for her. And of course the most important thing in any culture is the food. Duh.

So, when I ended up with a Napa cabbage, a cucumber, and green onions in my misfits box, it was obvious that I needed to cook something Korean.

But – there was really no decent meat on sale anywhere this week. And I’m too frugal to pay $17 a pound for a rib eye. So I decided bulgogi and galbi were out, and I needed to go with a less meat heavy option.

Big head of cabbage
Why yes, I did grow these carrots.
Just a couple of green onions

So I opted for jap che, and a Korean pancake thing. I’ve never made it before, so I was following a recipe on Maangchi. But of course, I had different vegetables, so I was altering it some.

Jap che is really a pain in the butt. Every item is supposed to be cooked separately, and then mixed together. I always get bored half way through, and start cooking some things together. It still tasted great. (I ended up with a small T-bone steak for the meat.)

The pancakes were almost a disaster. They stuck to the skillet – make a note to use a nonstick skillet next time, and definitely don’t reuse the skillet that you just used to cook the marinated meat. But once I finally got it to cook and mostly stay together, mmmm, they were so good!!

Delicious leftovers for lunch today, too.

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