Veteran’s Day

Not every family is cut out for military life and that is okay. Most of my male relatives served in every branch other than the Coast Guard. But I have close friends that served in that branch so they are all covered. LOL People never know what to do with remembrance days. I always hated it when someone said Happy Memorial Day – another military observance day. Say what now? I used to get offended but now I just laugh about it. People do not know what they do not grow up with. Today I texted my good friends and thanked them for their service and their sacrifice. I always add sacrifice because it is indeed one. They get paid very little to risk their lives for us. Agree with the military or not, they certainly have afforded us some freedoms. I don’t like war. I don’t want anyone to have to shoot anyone for any reason. Regardless I am very proud of the people in my life who chose to serve so I do not have to. Whatever their reasons, we are lucky they do it. Even when it is not any sort of remembrance day, if I see a military person in line at a restaurant and I can afford it, I pay for their meal. If nothing else I thank them for their service and sacrifice. It seems the least we can do. Try not to say Happy Veteran’s Day – just thank them. We will talk more about Memorial Day when that comes around. My birth father was a career Marine who left me and Mom when I was about two. He was married to the Marines more and realized he was not good for us – or that is what I choose to believe. My wonderful daddy (stepfather according to legalese) was in the Army for 7 years during the Vietnam Conflict. He was an amazing man. He died a year ago from lung cancer. There is not a day that goes by I do not think of him. He was so sweet and so loving. He was not your typical Army guy – no bravado and machismo. Daddy had an Elvis smile and twinkling eyes and a great sense of humor. He never raised his voice or hand to us. He always had such good advice but he never thrusted his beliefs on anyone. We suspect Agent Orange may have played a factor in his death but we have no way to prove it. Soldiers sacrifice their family, their physical health, mental health and wealth. Whatever drives them to serve they do it because they feel a duty. Most feel it is a privilege. So today and any other day you see an enlisted person, a retiree, someone with a Veteran cap or vest take time out of your day to look them in the eye and simply say thank you so much for your service and sacrifice. It will make their day.

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