I am a rare, lucky person

I have TWO best Friends.

Is that an oxymoron? Doesn’t “best” mean the single best?

Or, maybe, one of them is the best at some things, and one of them is the best at other things? Or that they have both been such an immense part of my life, and influenced who I am, that all I can do is thank any god that might or might not exist that they both are part of my life?

Anyway, I remember when I met Tammy (unlike Bridgette.) Our freshman year in high school, we were both too shy to change clothes in gym class in front of all the other girls. So we found each other hiding in the shower stalls, changing. We got to know each other, and connected very quickly. (I didn’t scare her at all – I was a complete wallflower in high school.)

That puts us at 41 years as friends. Holy Shit.

We decided to room together in a dorm for our freshman year in college. Even though we had been friends for 4 years, this is when the “best” really started.

Due to circumstances in her life, Tammy was far more mature than I was. I was shy, physically immature, mentally immature, you name it. And Tammy helped me learn how to adult, how to – well, how to do almost everything. She forced me to talk on the phone, to order a pizza. She convinced me to get my first job – and wisely made sure it was one I could handle, without an overload of contact with strangers.

And she helped me grow into a secure woman, content with my body, and very interested in the opposite sex.

She taught me that it’s okay to drink, and have fun, as long as you don’t go crazy and let it take over your life.

To this day, Tammy is who I go to for advice about anything that has me in a turmoil. (And then usually Bridgette as well, for a second opinion.)

Out of everyone I know, Tammy is probably the most “successful” in life. That’s based on her strong career, her amazing marriage, her smart decisions, her education – she is just a remarkable woman who decides what she wants, and gets it.

But don’t think that she’s all work and no play – like I said, she taught me how important it is to play, party, and let loose.

Tammy and I lived together for one and a half years. After that, we were running low on money, and we moved home – since we went to our local university, that was possible. I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to really have more time and fun together as roommates, even just for another year or two.

She graduated in 4 years, like you’re supposed to. (It took me 6.) She got married, and moved away. Eventually, she went to grad school, and moved down to the NC coast, which is sadly 6 hours away. We had a harder time staying in touch then – she was busy with her job, I was busy trying to be a manager at Kmart (a job that was NOT a good fit for me) and it was hard to find time to get together.

About 3 or 4 years ago, Tammy moved back to the mountains, and now she’s only 2 hours from me. She still works a lot, but I don’t – and it’s wonderful to be able to see her so much more now. In fact, visiting them was our last trip before Covid. I look forward to being able to see her and Brian again so much.

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