Held hostage by technology

I think some people can say that we as a human race – especially Americans – are too dependent on technology. Others of course will disagree – ‘merica! There are tons of polls you can look at to see what the division is. I of course want to talk about ME – isn’t that what a blog is for? LOL (see what I did there? I’m laughing at myself) Yesterday I sat down in a mood to write a post but I could not. “Something” was happening and everything was loading so slowly. Due to the COVID pandemic both my daughters were already logged on to school and my husband was playing video games (he was off work not a deadbeat). I call him my Tech Monkey because even though I AM smart enough to solve most problems I don’t care to and I call on him because he is the one with the Computer Science degree. If the kids need help with English, I’m the go to person. Anyhoo – I digress AGAIN. So he looks at everything and realizes that everything SEEMS okay. Of course everything works great while HE is behind the keyboard. Fifteen minutes later I am experiencing lag again and I lose patience and reboot and walk away. This morning, I log on and tada all is well. So sometimes I do feel like I’m being held hostage by technology. I feel that maybe at times we are too dependent on technology. I am reminded of a time when my father was in hospital and there was a CODE BLACK. I thought dear gods does that mean Zombies are attacking? Turns out that is the code for when the computers/technology is malfunctioning. I looked all around the room and thought about what all was hooked up to my father that needed technology and it was almost everything. Luckily nothing horrible happened that I am aware of and in a few hours all was well but it left me with an uneasy feeling. No no no I’m not a conspiracy theory nut I do not think everyone is spying on me or anything. I am so utterly boring anyway and I have no money so I am not interesting to anyone other than my hungry teenagers and my cat (at times). Like everyone else though, I pause sometimes and ponder things like this. I will say though that I enjoy having our technological advances. Thanks to tech my kids can “see” their grandparents via Zoom, learn via GoogleClassroom, I can see my therapist via video chat all during a pandemic. In addition, I never feel bored when waiting for an appointment because my iPhone keeps me company with a myriad of free mind numbing dumb fun games. When I can’t fall asleep, Youtube plays ocean sounds for me until I finally give in. In my case I feel I have a wonderful marriage with technology. I do not feel like I am a hostage. Yesterday though – ugh.

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