A weekend is always too short.

Especially when we can’t hug, and we’re wearing masks in the house, and we don’t cook.

But we still had a good time.

We had this great idea of going to Hmart, and doing a video with Bridgette explaining what to look for, and stuff like that, because Asian markets can be a bit overwhelming the first few times you go there.

But it was sooo crowded! There was no way we were going to stand in front of the soy sauce and talk about the styles and brands, in hopes of helping someone narrow things down.

That shot doesn’t come close to showing how busy they were.

Anyway, I shot some video, and Bridgette shot some pictures. We’ll see if we can edit into anything useful.

If not, well, we still had fun shopping, and I restocked my Korean pantry items.

Here’s a little bit of fun…

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