Good Medicine

2020 – ugh what a crappy year. Thanks to COVID we have really had to change the way we visit and socialize. I’ve been doing fine since I am an Introvert (some of my friends are gasping because I have fooled them for so many years). Yes, I took the Meyer’s Brigg and YES all three times I was a strong Introvert, okay? I force myself to be social when I have to but I am really a homebody. I love one on ones over big parties any day. So. . .COVID happens and I am at home a lot and it is going pretty well. But then I miss JoAnne SO SO SO much. She is my person (Grey’s Anatomy anyone?). I love and appreciate my hubby but JoAnne is my soulmate. She is my sister from another mister. . .you get the picture. JoAnne must have felt the same because she said – I’m coming to see you. The end. When JoAnne says she is going to do something it happens come hell or high water. So she and her beloved drove all the way to Holly Springs and got a hotel room. The first night we sat outside by a fire pit and enjoyed takeout while social distancing. It was AMAZING. We talked and laughed and listened to music. The next day we donned our masks and went shopping at H mart in Cary. I will post some of our adventure soon from that trip. We were like two college girls again giggling and talking. We didn’t even care that the line for the cashiers wrapped around the store. We were just in bliss. That evening the four adults went out for Mexican (Mi Cancun – yum) and sat outside. Brr – it was a bit chilly but still worth it. So while nothing was “normal” we enjoyed each others’ company while being sensible. JoAnne lives with her elderly diabetic mom and I have two kids and a hubby whom I worry about so we are careful but not obsessed with the virus. As she pulled out of my driveway Sunday afternoon, I began to weep. This is not something I do all the time but all this emotion just wafted over me. I realized no matter who we are we are social animals and we NEED each other’s company. I can’t wait until there is a vaccine for this very dangerous virus. Until then, this visit? It was just damn good medicine.

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Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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