Turkey Day!

Ahhh, another American holiday that took me forever to understand. My first Thanksgiving I was confused about that whole Pilgrim “Indian” thing. The food was very different as well. I didn’t care for the turkey. The biggest fowl I had ever eaten was a pheasant and it did not taste the same. My first turkey was dry and flavorless and I thought gravy was gross. I love it now but back then I was horrified. Green bean casserole confused me. The whole casserole concept was odd at first. It looked more like a stew to me. The sweet potatoes – I was befuddled at the notion of adding MORE sweet to an already sweet food. I think my favorite new food was the deviled egg. What magic is this? How did someone turn a boring boiled egg into this snappy tasty concoction? I ate way too many my first time. After living in the States for 43 years I have certainly come to appreciate turkey, stuffing, green beans (I still do not like green bean casserole), potatoes au gratin and cranberry jelly. Oh how I love the gelatinous glob from a can! It may sound like bragging but I do make a nice roasted turkey. My family always loves how juicy it is. I just cooked it like I cook chicken but it works for us so I keep repeating it every year. I take a turkey, wash it, pat it dry, massage a bit of virgin olive oil all over it, rough crush whole pepper corns (I use the mixed kind with red, white and black) – mix with coarse sea salt then rub that all over the turkey. I toss whatever is left into the cavity along with as many cloves of garlic as I want. I also cut cloves in half and shove them under the skin of the breast, between the wing, leg, etc. Then I cover the bird in aluminum foil and cook it at 350 (15 min per lb) for half the time. I turn the heat up to 375 and remove the aluminum foil except for a piece that covers just the breast and cook it for another 45 minutes. I take off that piece of foil and cook it for the rest of the time so the skin can turn crispy and brown. That’s it. The turkey is always juicy and has a good flavor all by itself. My husband loves it with gravy and I like the breast with cranberry. This year it was just us 4 around the table, but it was nice. I miss having Daddy here but I lit a candle for him. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving as well. I would love to see the photos from everyone’s bounty.

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