The Morning After. . .

Get your mind out of the gutter! The morning after Thanksgiving is one of regret for many people. Why did I have that third helping of pie? I was a good girl this year so I woke up early and went for a 2.5 mile walk. I did all my crazy arm pumping movements that my neighbors probably chuckle over. I have bad knees so I can’t run. Hence, I try to do some upper body while I walk to get more out of that time. It was great fall weather this morning – cool but not uncomfortable. I listened to 80s and mouthed along to the songs. At my age I quit worrying about looking like a fool forever ago. It’s so much fun just being yourself. Sometimes people wave and smile and other times they turn and go the other way. LOL After the walk I put together a sweet kale salad from this GIGANTO bag I got at Costco. I alway split it with my neighbor because no one can eat that much kale. She loves it when I bring it over. We visited for a few minutes during the exchange and made plans to do a fire pit tonight. Our two families will sit around the pit on the driveway social distancing. None of us are traveling for the holidays so it will be nice to chat and talk. The kids are looking forward to the s’mores. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and stayed safe.

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Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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