Mmmm, I love vanilla.

Can I take a side tour and talk about vanilla? I LOVE good vanilla. It smells so amazing!

This stuff rocks.

So, funny story about Bridgette. She is from Korea, and they don’t really bake a lot. So when we first met she had no experience with baking, while I consider it my main focus. To this day she probably doesn’t even have a bag of flour in her house, while I consider it one of my top 5 staples, and I probably have 3-4 bags of flour in my pantry right now.

Once during college, I invited Bridgette over, and said I’d make brownies. So she joined me in the kitchen, and I started pulling out my flour and sugar and cocoa. And she just stared at me like I had 2 heads, and asked where the brownie mix was.

After I was done laughing at her, I started showing her how to make brownies. When we got to the vanilla, I took a big smell from the bottle, because it just smells so damn good, and then handed it to her and told her to smell it.

Well, she had never smelled pure real vanilla. And she immediately asked if she could try it. I told her that wasn’t a good idea, it’s not good straight out of the bottle.

And the next thing I knew she was trying that vanilla. Oh, the look on her face! It was priceless!

Now my vanilla tastes have grown even more since then. I use vanilla bean paste, and it smells and tastes so good – even straight from the bottle.

Hey, we signed up as Amazon Affiliates, so now I can post a link to something on Amazon, and if you buy it, we get a commission! So here…

Wow – that’s a lot more expensive than it was the last time I bought it. I’m not sure it’s worth it – but honestly, I don’t know if I could go back to regular vanilla. Good thing I bought a quart the last time, and still have plenty left.

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One thought on “Mmmm, I love vanilla.

  1. I too tried vanilla from the McCormick bottle. Nasty.

    But I do love vanilla and consider it the perfect ice cream flavor.


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