You Can Not Fight Your Genetics

Getting older sucks. Bad genetics sucks more. We are all just recipients of what our parents give us for better or for worse. The better for me is that I am highly intelligent and artistic. Thank you ancestors! The worse is that I have bad joints. Today I visited the Orthopedist because my left thumb and left big toe were hurting more frequently. I tried some homeopathic stuff but it made me constipated. The arnica and birch that I LOVE was not working anymore so I had to see a doctor. I got a steroid shot today and I have to see an Occupational Therapist about a brace for my thumb. If it does not get better then there is surgery in my future. I hope to avoid that. I saw the same Ortho for my knee 3-4 years ago and his treatment has put off surgery so I’m grateful. He’s a fun guy with a fun name. Dr. Martini. He is jovial, wicked smart and listens very well. When I leave his office I hurt more (because secretly I think they are a bit sadistic with all the pulling, pushing, squeezing. . .) for a day or two but I usually get great relief. I’m looking forward to sleeping without waking with throbbing pain. Growing up in Korea in the late 60s meant never seeing a doctor unless someone was near death’s door. Chinese medicine and homeopathy is all I knew for the longest time. Seriously, that is all you need for most of your minor problems. I wholly appreciate good Western doctors too. There are just times when you want to use modern technology. Who wants to have their teeth filled or pulled without anesthesia? Thanks to Lasiks surgery I was lens free for over 10 years. As a parent I try to use a balance of both homeopathic and Western practices. I highly recommend therapeutic massage and lavender helps me with more things than I can list. I see a few joint surgeries in my future thanks to my bad genetics, and I dread them. What is your favorite homeopathic solution?

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