Ivan’s Cat Water Fountain

If you notice anything about our blog it is that we LOVE cats. No, don’t click away if you are a dog person! I think dogs are great as long as they are not in my house. I love all animals except rodents. Rodents can just go to hell and die. Yuk. Anyhoo we finally bought our cat, Ivan, a water fountain and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. You do not want your cat to ever get dehydrated. If your cat has any health issues the likelihood of dehydration is even greater. Water helps to maintain body temperature, aids in digestion and circulation and transports nutrients. I know Amazon has tons of reviews but I always worry many were paid to do the review and I definitely was not. On October 27, 2020 I did some research, talked to all my cat friends who already had fountains and decided on the Camroop Cat Water Fountain. It had a 4 star rating and it was in my price range. I bought it for $30 with my Prime free shipping. I like Prime but I have some complaints about it and I shall blog about that later. I wanted an easy to clean raised fountain that was quiet. I hate the buzzing noise that comes from most small fountains. I love that it tilts, looks modern and you can easily add water to it. I do not love the idea of having to buy new filters for it but other than that, it was a win for me. It was an easy set up and Ivan took to it immediately. He has to drink plenty of water because he makes crystals in his body and is on a prescription food. We had him using a gravity waterer because we wanted him to never run out of water but I had to replace it often knowing it got stale. So here are the pros and cons now that we have owned it for little over a month. Pros: Good price, modern design, whisper quiet motor (you will hear the water gurgling now and then but I find that pleasant), comes with a cute silicone mat, shortage alert light, water level window, easy to clean, easy to fill and Ivan approved. Con: When you are refilling it is important to wipe the bottom of the container and the part that it inserts into or it will not turn back on. It took some trial and error for us to figure out “what was wrong” when it first happened. Nowhere in the instructions does it tell you about that. Also, when the water gets really low it stops working (so the pump does not overheat and die) but then the cat is left with NO water. For me, it is fine since I check it often but this will not work when we are on vacation for longer than 2 days. I will worry that it will shut off and he will have no water. So this means that I will have to put out the gravity waterer during those times as a backup. Because of that I would give it 4 fish out of 5 fish. For our family of 4 it fits in nicely as we are all checking on the water. On the quiet motor alone I am recommending it to people who are looking for a nearly silent fountain. There is a 12 month warranty and it will last 2.5-4 years according to the manufacturer. So there you have it – an unsolicited, unpaid review for you to consider. ****Review Update 12/16/2020 I am sadly returning our fountain to Amazon as it has developed a leak. I do not see any cracks so we may have gotten a faulty one? Back to the drawing board for us.

Check it out on Amazon. If you buy it through our link, you help support our website!

This is Ivan using the fountain the minute it was presented to him.

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