Driver’s Education

I don’t know how old you are but I was in high school in a tiny town in rural North Carolina in the late 80s. The BIGGEST deal for a teenager was to get a Driver’s License. NOTHING was in walking distance and a car was a necessity for most of us poor kids. My thoughtful Daddy made it even harder for us to get a license by insisting that we be able to change our own tire, oil, transmission fluid, spark plugs (remember those?) and be able to do general maintenance because we drove clunkers. I got my license and then I was saddled with car debt at the ripe old age of 17. Crazy. Fast forward to 2020 and my 15 year old is taking her first Driver’s Education class this afternoon. How did this happen so quickly? Silly me for thinking nothing had changed in 35 years! I found out that in Wake County they no longer give you a free Driver’s Education class. Instead, they farm it out to a driving school and we have to pay $65.00 (which is very reasonable compared to how much private classes would cost). Because of COVID (God I’m tired of that phrase) there is a HUGE backlog of students that need to take the class. Older students get priority and I was shocked Sabrina was signed up in less than a month. The virtual classes are THREE HOURS long after school for 10 days. We have been informed the in-person driving part may be months away as their backlog is immense. Luckily, we live in an area where she could walk to several places to work if needed and plenty of bussing so she really does not need a vehicle of her own. We own two as a family so she will have access anytime she needs it. She is of course anxious about having to spend 3 hours each afternoon when she already stays up late completing projects and homework. She sighed and said, “I guess I’m not sleeping for two weeks”. My poor kiddo. Most of the kids her age do not seem as excited as my friends and I were when this time came around. Different times I reckon. Do you think she will get mad if I get a big magnet for the car that says STUDENT DRIVER, MAKE WAY? LOL

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2 thoughts on “Driver’s Education

  1. I totally think having a “Driver in Training” sign is great. It alerts other drivers to be cautious and to cut the driver some slack when they make a mistake. But noting obnoxious like “watch out her she comes”.


  2. I love the obnoxious magnet idea. It’s good for kids to be horrified of their parents once in a while. Embarrassment is part of being a teen.

    Up here in rural Vermont (is that redundant?), getting a license is very important. But 15 yo kids are always excited about it. It’s freedom – even for a few hours in a mom car. I had several students getting ready when Covid hit. They were endlessly waitlisted as our state shut the DMV down for months. And with school closed, there were no drivers ed classes either. We still provide it through the school. Many teens this fall are forced to wait their turn. Most will drive anyway, license or not, because the few cops here don’t cruise the back roads much.

    Usually they miss class to go with their folks to get their license. But they let everyone know where they are and why they aren’t in school. So cute! But I still love asking to see their shiny new license and the photo on it when they return. I try to be as excited as they are, because I remember that time too.


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