Defending The Ones I Love

People that know me well know that while I am intrinsically introverted, I have a tough side to me. Maybe it is because I am a double Scorpio or maybe it is because I am a survivor. Whatever the reason I tend to really be loyal and defend the people I love. While I don’t care for people in general when I love, I love deeply. My daughters have a beautiful, brilliant great grandmother who is 87. She is wicked smart and technologically savvy. We bought her a DoorDash gift card for her birthday in October and she LOVED it. So, it seemed to make sense to get her one for Christmas. Heck, I thought, I should send it early so she can enjoy it during December. I bought it online and sent it via email on Dec. 4. She still has not received it. Whaaaaat? She texted me for help so I sicced my computer genius husband on them. They apparently use a third party company for their gift certificates and would not take any responsibility asking us to email THAT company. Grandmother was also on the phone for way too long dealing with these bozos. Did I mention she is 87? I believe sweet elderly people should be lovingly worshiped and cared for. She is living alone in Florida during a pandemic and they are giving her the run around. This morning I awoke and roared my lion roar and got on the telephone. I got the same runaround so I stopped the operator cold and politely but firmly said, “Hi. This is not your fault and I am not angry with you at all but I need you to please let me talk to a supervisor.” She agreed to escalate it and I am “supposed” to get a call today. I called at 8am and if I do not get a call by 10am I plan to contest the charges through my credit card and buy our beloved Grandmother something else. It is 2020 and if your business model can’t handle gift cards then they should not use them. You already pay out the nose for delivery fees and everything else. Ridiculous. I may let people push me around sometimes but I will NEVER let them push around anyone I care about. I hope I don’t twist my ankle getting off my soapbox.

Thank you Pixar for one of the best movies – Inside Out. Anger’s image best represents how I was feeling this morning. LOL

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