What Is Family?

I guess I woke up feeling philosophical this morning. After a random text with my sister I found myself going in my head thinking and pondering what family really is. Mirriam-Webster says the definition of family can be: a. the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children b. spouse and children c. a household living under one roof with usually one head of household d. a group of persons with common ancestry, etc. I was reared by one parent for 10 years and then a fantastic man married my mom and gave me the best dad I ever had. I have an amazing younger sister whom I look up to because she is wicked smart, successful, beautiful and kind. She is also a major smart ass and I love her just like that. I got a bonus “brother” when she met her man – he is so easy to love! I have also been lucky to find family in some unorthodox ways. JoAnne became my sister as we experienced the ups and downs of life starting with college. She was unabashedly unapologetic and I envied her confidence. She will tell you she was not confident but it exuded out of her whether she believed it or not. I have a “brother” that we will call Mike because well, that IS his name LOL. I had just ended a long term relationship because I realized if we got married and had kids they would be stupid and I could not do that to our world. Still, I loved the idiot and my heart hurt a lot. I move into a town I had never lived in and enter Mike – a gentleman and the most generous man I have ever met. He was (and still is) absolutely a fantastic friend and we both have 2 kids each (he got boys I got girls) and still support each other as siblings. I know these two people would fight for me in any situation and I for them. They are proof family does not have to have a blood tie. If you experience life together and support each other with love and respect they ARE family. BONUS BONUS – thanks to 23 and me I found a half brother in California. We are just getting to know each other. Strangely enough I used to pretend that I had an older brother and always longed for one so he is kind of a dream come true. We don’t have a ton in common but I already love him. He has made a good life for himself and I admire him. So yeah, family is not always who lives under your roof or who is tied to you genetically. I know a lot of people who do not like their siblings and I am lucky enough to love mine AND I get extra siblings who CHOSE me. . .pretty cool eh? No matter what kind of family you have, I hope you are loved.

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One thought on “What Is Family?

  1. I have the hardest time trying to understand how my husband and his brother hate each other. For over ten years I pushed and encouraged him to try and build a relationship with his brother. Finally I gave up. His brother really is a greedy dickhead.

    I encourage him to try and develop a sibling relationship with my siblings who I know are loving and open to new “siblings.” But all I can figure is that he really doesn’t know how to love a sibling, doesn’t get it (like I can’t understand siblings hating each other), or he sees them as competition for my love.

    Almost two years ago us siblings had a reunion in Las Vegas. It was so fantastic! We can’t wait to get together again. Maybe a sibling reunion is in order that includes non blood siblings too!

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