The Silver Lining of Covid Pandemic

Like many of you I have complained A LOT about 2020. There has been plenty to be upset about. It is okay to vent. It is healthy, so continue to do so. This morning I want to write about a silver lining in the pandemic, at least for my little family. My daughters are 11 going on 16 and 15 going on 35. They are polar opposites and being women (physically at least) and only 3.5 years apart, they tend to get on each other’s nerves. At the beginning of lockdown I thought they were going to murder each other. I had to intervene at times and there were many lectures on how you don’t have to love being around your sister all the time but you can not just ignore her. We talked about how we have to get along with people that are different. I even pulled out the old Christmas Vacation quote, “Don’t be dramatic, I have to sleep with your Father.” LOL As the lock down turned into a voluntary quarantine they seem to realize they really had no one else to be around. Online gaming and Zoom/Facetime calls only get you so far. When Virtual Academy started, they had something in common and began comparing what school was like for each of them. Before you know it, they were having their first real conversations. They began talking about school, then their favorite online games, what they were reading and what they discovered on their daily walks. Before you know it, they were laughing and hugging each other spontaneously. We try not to have overly busy schedules in our family because we know it is not healthy, but having SO MUCH time where they can interact has really been a tremendous opportunity for their sibling relationship. As much as I have not liked 2020 it will go down in my book as a time that helped these two very different girls learn about each other and perhaps bond more. Call me Pollyanna.

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