Worst Christmas Song Ever

In the classic arena I believe the 12 Days of Christmas is the worst Christmas song ever written. What were the French thinking? If you want to blame someone for that annoying Five golden rings line. . .blame Frederic Austin. He caused that prolongation of that verse. Damn you Fred! I do not like cumulative songs in general but this one especially gets on my nerves. Even the parodies that have popped up over the years is maddening. They are funny for the first play and then they become monotonous like the original. Like all things I do not like, I researched it. That is how I tackle everything I don’t care for. I learned that The 12 days of Christmas is the period in Christian theology that marks the time between Christ’s birth and the visit from the three wise guys. I thought the 12 days of Christmas would be December 1 – 12 but it isn’t. I guess that would make too much sense.. Instead it is from December 25 through January 6. Okay then. I also learned that the song was used as a game when it was first “sung”. The singers would sing the song and if you fail to remember all the lyrics you have to give someone a kiss or a favor. That could be fun for some. People even have tried to tie Christianity references to the song but I don’t think that was ever the intent. It sounds like some chain mail crap to me. LOL I liken to that theory to the whole “Ring Around the Rosy” is about the Black Plague. Wait, you didn’t know that song was NOT about the plague? It is amazing what you can learn if you dig into the history of anything. Back to the 12 Days of Christmas song – – the repetition is annoying but so is the idea of someone buying all those gifts. Have you ever done the math? I remember one of my high school math teachers thought it would be a “fun” holiday math problem to figure out how much all the gifts would cost. I found the lesson to be almost as boring as the song. If you count each mention of an item separately it would add up to 364 gifts – someone check my math. I don’t remember what the total cost ended up being other than in was in the thousands of dollars range. Also, what was the obsession with all the birds? So. Many. Birds.

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2 thoughts on “Worst Christmas Song Ever

  1. Math Done.
    Day, Repetitions, SubTotal
    1 12 12
    2 11 22
    3 10 30
    4 9 36
    5 8 40
    6 7 42
    7 6 42
    8 5 40
    9 4 36
    10 3 30
    11 2 22
    12 1 12

    Grand Total: 364

    I hate this fucking song.


  2. Ok, I found the formula. I am a super nerd.
    n x (n+1) x (n+2) all of that divided by 6. So 12 x 13 x 14 = 2,184. Divide by 6 = 364.
    Math is fun.
    The song is not.


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