It’s beginning to look a lot like. . .RAIN

Oh.My.Gosh. I am tired of rain. Water is the essence of wetness. . . (Zoolander anyone?) I know we need it but it has been so frequent this year. Add another complaint to the pile of poo I call 2020! Rain in late fall/early winter is especially yucky because it makes my bones ache. I have arthritis and I can feel it in my joints. I got a nice 3 mile walk in yesterday while the sun was out so I guess I will hit the ole’ elliptical today. Rain makes some people sad. Are you sad on rainy days? Science says your body can react to weather in many ways. It all depends on the person and their personalities of course. Weather can not cure diseases, but it can influence how humans behave and also how they interact with others. Some people say that the weather can not affect your mood unless you “let” it. I guess you are supposed to ignore the weather and change your plans or whatever. I do believe how you are already feeling deep inside can trigger stronger emotions if the weather is not pleasant. I guess you should not move to Seattle if you are not a chipper person? Californians in general seem pretty happy but Floridians seem crankier and they both have sunny weather. I know lots of happy people from Alaska and Erie, Pennsylvania and they get a lot of snow. When it rains in summer, I actually like to walk in it and dance around so I don’t think it is the rain per se that makes ME feel bad. Waking up this morning to dreary, grey skies and the feel of the cold wetness on my joints – that put a “damper” on my mood (did you see what I did there?). I am sure my worrying about someone I love added to it. I hope wherever you are the weather suits you and you are in good spirits. Too all my Grinches out there. . .nine more days left and then we are done with Christmas – hang in there brothers and sisters! LOL

photography by Bridgette Renkert 2020

Published by bridgey1967

Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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