Beauty Secrets

One of my stolen entertainment moments include watching Youtube videos. I subscribe to maybe 10 channels total and when they do not have new material I might explore a little bit. I’m a juvenile male trapped inside a woman’s brain in terms of humor so the fails videos usually entertain me for a bit and then I go back to my numerous household chores, errands, writing, card crafting, “lording” over the kids during Virtual Schooling and whatever else I can fill my days with during the pandemic. It never ceases to amaze me HOW MANY beauty secrets videos there are. I personally do not watch them – you’ve seen my photos – duh. However, I can not imagine that there are any secrets left. I mean, come on – what else is there to discover? Men and women have been putting on eyeshadow and lipliners in every way possible forever. We all know you can not reverse aging. We all know unless you have plastic surgery or have freakishly great genes (looking at YOU Asian women) you are not going to look the same at 40 as you did at 20. So WHY the fascination? Even though I do not watch the videos, I still get them as suggestions via Youtube. What are they trying to say? LOL Even just looking at the thumbnails most of the time I think, unless you have severe burns or other scars that you want to disguise you would look better without makeup. I think people look best when they are healthy. While makeup is great for movies, portraits, plays and spies I do not think most people look “better” with makeup. They just look different. I tried to fit in as a college student and tried makeup numerous times. Every now and then someone would be selling Mary Kay, Avon or whatever to make money so I would become their test dummy. I do look dramatically different with makeup so they loved it when I would let them do their demonstrations on me. Everyone would ooh and ahh and buy a ton of stuff and then I would go wash my face off and enjoy not having anything on there. My friends would buy me lunch for my trouble and never minded that I didn’t buy anything. I don’t mind the occasional mascara and maybe an eyeliner if I have to but in general I find putting on makeup tedious and the payoff to be not enough for the effort or the money. My younger sister will tell you that I have flirted off and on with makeup forever even though I never continue any regiment. Our mother never left home without “putting on her face”. She was an incredible beauty with or without makeup and born in the mid 50’s it was in her DNA. My sister enjoys makeup and is also good at application. I was not born with the talent. I also do not like how most makeup smells and they tend to make my face itch. I feel hot when I have on foundation. Still, societal pressures make me try it every now and then when I feel less than confident. The last attempt was to use an air brush. I got it as a gift, tried it for a few weeks and I will say it feels lighter than anything else. Then like everything else in 2020 – COVID hit. No longer having a job to go to, I put it away and have enjoyed not dealing with it. I would like to think I’m done with it AGAIN. But who knows. I have some makeup in my bathroom that is umpteenth years old – I should really throw all those away. Maybe that’s the real beauty secret.

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One thought on “Beauty Secrets

  1. “ I personally do not watch them – you’ve seen my photos – duh. “

    Don’t sell yourself short. You look great!


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