I have got to stop buying so much meat.

Mom wanted steak for supper the other night, and I couldn’t remember if I had any.

So I stopped at Lowe’s on my way home, because they had sirloin on sale. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sirloin steak. It was the whole stupid piece of meat. But did that stop me? Noo. I bought it anyway, and had the butcher cut it into steaks and stew meat.

And when I got home, I cut some into sirloin tips, and packaged everything up in vacuum sealed bags. I got 9 meals worth out of that sirloin.

The meat drawer in my freezer is packed.

Sirloin is a little tough, but I think if I cook it sous vide it shouldn’t be a problem. I hope not, because I have a lot of it.

And then I also bought a lovely rib roast for Christmas Day. I know this one will be good.

Published by JoAnne

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One thought on “I have got to stop buying so much meat.

  1. Sirloin (the seldom heard of knight of the round table) is my fav. To me it is what eating the flesh of an animal should feel like.


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