I’m really not ignoring you…

Christmas time is always filled with so much shit to do!

I’m not a very good gift giver. I am not good at putting a lot of thought into presents, and coming up with that “perfect” gift.

Plus, really, everyone I care enough to give a gift to is at a point in their lives where if they want something, they just go and buy it.

Bridgette and I made a deal years ago to stop worrying about Christmas and birthday presents for each other, with the understanding that if one of us saw something the other would like, we would just get it, gift it for no reason, and be done. This solution has worked well for us.

I’ve let that trickle into my regular gift giving. I tend to give homemade presents – my canned goods, and I do a lot of baking and candy making at Christmas time. For other presents, I’m trying to go more with the idea of things to do, rather than shit that will clutter up the house.

Bucket of goodies.

Anyway, the baking at Christmas time is usually an ongoing project. I make cookies and freeze the dough, and at any point in time that I know I’m going to see someone, I’ll bake up some, make some candy, and pack it up for them. If I run out of something, I’ll make something different to replace it. So it’s always a changing assortment, and usually pretty fresh.

This year has been more challenging. Since I won’t be seeing anyone for Christmas, I’ve been trying to get everything ready so it can be all packed at once, and shipped out to everyone on my list. So almost every afternoon, I’ve been working on that.

Which has left me without much time to write.

But today, the last 2 packages have been shipped out. I have some goodies stashed in the freezer, so if I discover I need to throw a box together, I can do that. So hopefully, I can start getting back to bothering you folks more frequently. And sharing some of the stuff that I cooked for Christmas this year.

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