“Love Is A Many Splendored Thing”. . .

. . .to quote one of my favorite movies – Moulin Rouge – “Love is like Oxygen. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!” Of course the main character was using lines from songs to express HIS love for a woman. Why is love on my brain? Isn’t that a Valentine’s theme? No. Love is an everyday theme. This year has been wrought with hate and bigotry so love has been even more crucial. More than that, watching someone I love being in a loveless marriage for many years has been excruciating. No one should be without love. I do not mean the romantic goo goo eye stuff in the movies. True love is respectful love. It is kind love. It is a love that you deserve and not one you have to earn. I truly believe that. True love does not equal a perfect marriage. Marriage is a totally different entity. That shit is HARD WORK. However, even if the marriage is flawed it can survive if there is love. My friend is a fantastic person who deserves to be loved and respected. Knowing this person is living in a loveless marriage and has been for too many years is heartbreaking. I love this person like family and I want this person to be happy. I can not FIX it for this person so it is very painful to watch. I feel helpless and I watch my friend become a shell of a former version. I am fully aware that it is not my job, my business or my journey – yet it pains me to be on the sidelines and see the hurt. I will forever love my friend and will support, listen, cheer on and console as a real friend should. I truly hope someday my friend with gather the courage and self love that will result in a second chance at a happier, healthier life. Sending love to my friend and to everyone out there that feels trapped in a loveless marriage.

Published by bridgey1967

Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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