Have you had your shingles vaccine?

Go get it.

I have shingles.

I had a lot of pain in my abdomen for about a week. The doctor did some blood work, but everything looked fine. She mentioned shingles, but there was no rash.

That evening, the rash showed up. Which, oddly, I thought was an improvement, because the abdominal pain got better.

But all in all, this is something to avoid. Go get the shingles vaccine.

Not sure if I should post a picture, but I think I will just so you’ll see why you should get the vaccine. I’ll put it lower, so if you don’t want to see it, don’t scroll down. I am actually not as bad as many of the cases I saw online.

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3 thoughts on “Have you had your shingles vaccine?

  1. Ouch, just looking at that makes me itch JoAnne. I am so sorry you have to deal with that. Is Mr. JoAnne’s concoctions helping?


  2. Hard to say yet. I don’t see much difference, but he says it might take a day or two.
    I think 2-4 weeks is normal for this shit to run it’s course. So if it’s anything less than that, I’ll be thrilled.


  3. Ouch! So sorry you have it. I’ll go and get my vaccine for it. We all had chicken pox at the same time. So I guess it’s floating around in all of us just waiting to cause trouble. Hope it gets better soon! Love you!

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