The Morning After

It’s the day after Christmas. Two camps of people are feeling very different from one another today. The ELF camp is sad that Christmas is over. No more glitter, shiny wrapping paper or the thrill of opening gifts. The Grinch camp is glad but exhausted. No more pretending to like the gifts they got, no more fake smiles when they hear a greeting. Our UK friends are celebrating Boxing Day today. In the beginning it was a day to give gifts to the poor but like so many holidays it has turned into just another shopping day. The exact origin of Boxing Day is not known but it was observed in a variety of ways. Some churches would open up their alms boxes and distribute to the poor. Wealthy homeowners would give their servants a “bonus” or gifts on Boxing Day thanking them for their yearlong servitude. Sometimes tradesmen were given a “gratuity” for their good work. In the US many families like to go to the After Christmas Sales hoping for a bargain. My family likes to stay home and enjoy the gifts we received the day before and relax. The first thing I tackle is taking the decorations down. We put them up on December 1 and I take them down on December 26. When we used to have a live tree it was disposed by January 1 but now that we use an artificial tree, it can come down the day after Christmas! My teenagers have a few days off from school so I hope to spend time with them catching up on their projects and having some carefree hours playing video games or safely visiting friends observing social distancing. The holiday I look forward to is Korean New Year (known globally as Asian New Year or Lunar New Year) Korean: 설날; RRSeollalMRSŏllal. This year it is on February 12. I look forward to celebrating it with you dear readers. I promise to post a lot of Korean tradition and recipes. However you enjoy December 26 I hope you have a peaceful heart, are in a warm home and surrounded by people who love and respect you.

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