The Status of my Meat Drawer

TL:DR – it’s worse.

Mom agreed this year to do a rib roast for Christmas which surprised and excited me very much. She’s a traditional ham person. So I bought a lovely rib roast, and packed it up in a bag ready for sous vide.

And 3 days before Christmas, she started moaning about not having ham. And pointing out all the sales on hams. And saying how it wouldn’t seem like Christmas without ham.

So, I gave up and bought an 8 pound ham – because mom says a real ham is much better than “those slices.” On Dec 23rd, we had ham. Dec 24, we had ham leftovers.

On Dec 25 we had the rib roast, which was just lovely. And on Dec 26, we will have roast leftovers.

So I used my new boning knife, and carved up the rest of the meat and packed it up for future meals. (And yes, I know a boning knife is for raw meat. But since I can never buy meat again, I wanted to use it on something. And it’s REALLY nice. Thank you, Desna.)

Now I have a pack of sliced ham, a pack of cubed ham for ham croquettes (Just wait until I share that old school goody with you!) and a ham hock for a pot of beans.

And a pack of sliced beef, and the beef bones that I’ll use for stock or beef stew or something.

My meat drawer has now expanded out into the door, because I have too much. This is nuts. This is not a problem I ever thought I would have.

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