Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot. . .

. . . oh it is here — THE LAST DAY OF 2020. Huzzah! This was the slowest and most odd year of my life. I have seen so many funny memes about it all over the Internet. I will not bore you by repeating them here. You know how to Google! LOL Many things happened in 2020 that was unsavory, shocking, surreal and downright scary. On top of those odd things, several of my good friends lost their darling parents. I know at our age that is to be expected somewhat but they were all too young and left us too soon. Having dealt with a parent death myself their pain is even more acute in my heart. I do not pretend to understand their grief as each person’s journey is truly unique. I hope to be there for them when they need me. Today also marks a special day for my eldest. She completed her Silver Award Project for Girl Scouts. She wrote a very funny comic, “Cancer Combat Critters” for Duke Children’s Hospital. When she finishes colorizing and digitizing it, I will share with you all here. It is clever and sweet and I am beaming with pride even though she procrastinated and we could not have turned it in any later unless we waited until midnight. I watched her grow up a lot during this project and I think she can see it too. I do not plan to stay up until midnight myself. I guess I’m getting too old or maybe I just don’t need to see the clock tick to that particular time anymore. I plan to go to bed around 9pm after toasting my kiddos with sparkling juice and wishing them Happy New Year. They do not particularly want to stay up either. We had a fun day eating hors d’oeuvres and snacking on charcuterie all day while playing all sorts of video games. At one point we did go around the table talking about the one thing we really liked about 2020 and shared our thoughts. I was happy to see that the family could come up with positive things. My sister received her COVID vaccine as a front line essential worker and my fire fighting friends in the state of Washington received theirs so I know we are heading in the right direction. I look forward to getting our vaccines and traveling again. A warm thanks to all of our doctors, healthcare workers, researchers, scientists and teachers for going above and beyond during this pandemic. I’m very glad everyone I love has either been COVID free or was able to recover from it. Looking forward to more laughs in 2021 – thank you dear readers for being our subscribers. I hope to earn your following next year as a more seasoned writer. Happy New Year!

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