Looking forward

Ahhhh, finally it is 2021. I am hoping the more commonplace activities may return eventually into our lives. How I long to just walk around a museum again. I would like to travel as well. If things go well, we can look forward to the Tokyo Olympics. Remember we were supposed to have that last year? Maybe the Eurovision Song Contest will return. I LOVE that competition. If you have never seen one, search on Youtube. They are a riot and so entertaining. I know a lot of you sports enthusiasts are looking forward to the sports – I personally don’t watch sports but I hope you all get your fix soon. I look forward to new climate policies – we have so much to do and we are way behind in taking action. I hope we will see more action toward this very important goal. Did you read that we are expecting the largest brood of cicadas? It is a once-in-17-years event and they are calling it BROOD X. Doesn’t that sound so SCI FI? I personally love the sound of cicadas but I know a lot of people are annoyed by the constant buzzing. I know everyone has been raving about 5G but looks like 6G is coming in 2021 (I personally do not really understand what any of the Gs mean). Before all this happens I know there will be huge peaks of COVID occurrences but at least we have some vaccines head it our way. Stay safe and healthy out there! Do you know what I miss the most though? HUGS. I miss hugging my sister and my friends. I am looking forward to that the most. Come on 2021 do not disappoint me!

Published by bridgey1967

Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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