I NEED The Beach

Everyone relaxes in different ways. Certain geography will relax some while it will make others feel quite differently. I was born in PoHang, South Korea. It is now a port city. My little village had a lot of fishermen and farmers. I loved being able to just walk to the beach and hang out with my cousins. The smell of the salty air and the feel of the breeze on my face is something that always makes me feel nostalgic. While the Atlantic Coast is not quite as blue or clean, I enjoy seeing the waves breaking onto the shelly-sandy beach during any season. Due to the pandemic, the few beach trips I took have been severely shortened. We did not do our annual Memorial Day weekend trip with JoAnne and her man. I did not realize how much we loved this trip until it was gone. It was one time a year that we didn’t even have to plan or wonder if we could get together – we JUST DID. It has become a family tradition and I am really missing the calm it gave me. I tried to take the family to Carolina Beach over the summer at a Marriott. We ended up cutting the week short by several days because many of the restaurants were ignoring CDC rules, regulations and suggestions. The hotel was clean and they were spot on with all the social distancing rules but the restaurants and other public places were not. While the kids enjoyed their dip in the pools and the one day in the sun and sand, we felt like we really never got to unwind. We took the rest of the week as a STAYcation at our home and I allowed the kiddos to have some loose rules and we did takeout as if we were still on vacation. We all enjoyed that. Since that venture we have not gone anywhere else and I’m getting really tired of these same four walls. I am an introvert so yes it took 8 months before it got to me. Now is probably not a good time to travel with the Thanksgiving and Christmas exposure still being recorded. . .so I have a challenge before me. I decided hotels were out. I’m now researching beach houses. I plan to sanitize the hell out of the rental, use our own linens, pillows, etc. I will run all the dishes in the diswasher before we even use them or maybe I will just take paper plates. I will buy food at the grocery and cook and do no takeout. It will be a bit of a hassle but damn it, I NEED to see the beach. It soothes me. It cleanses me. My father was the opposite. The ocean made him feel anxious – it was just two wide and too much movement. He preferred the mountains. Many people love the mountains but it makes me feel stifled. I feel trapped and I feel like I can not see enough of the sky. While short visits are okay and once you reach a higher elevation on a hike you can feel free – I mostly just feel wedged in. The air is crisp and clear though – I do love that. So for me, it’s the beach. I am not a sun bather – I’m a beach stroller. I like to walk on the beach in the morning and at night. I like to look at shells. I like to hear the waves crash. When I can’t sleep I go on Youtube and play the ocean waves on a loop and it lulls me to sleep every single time. So yeah. . .I miss the beach and I’m hoping I find a decent place to rent so I can be refreshed.

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