The Cake Slap

Maybe I just needed a funny story today because of yesterday’s crazy political news. Maybe it is because my friend Aga made us a delicious casserole and brownies last night. Whatever the reason, I remembered a funny story that I had to relate. Everyone has different traditions with birthday cakes. Some families say the birthday person must be the one to slice the cake and hand out. Other families say that the birthday person is served first. I’m sure there are a lot of variations in between. When I was dating my husband and living with JoAnne we decided to give him a birthday party outside with a bonfire. His birthday is in late September and that is a great time in Zionville to have an outdoor bonfire party. He had always had family parties and never had friends throw him one so of course Jo and I really put in our best effort. Lots of people were invited to make it festive. We made all his favorites and he had mentioned he liked coffee cake (not cake made with coffee but the cake you eat WITH coffee) so Jo whipped him up one from scratch. Have I mentioned she is a magician baker? Lord I love her baked goods. I digress. . . once again LOL So we are in the kitchen whipping up finger foods and she has the cake covered with a dishcloth. In her house the cake is revealed to the birthday person as a surprise. My hubby walked over to peek under the cake and Jo smacked the hell out of his hand. No joke. You do not mess with JoAnne in the kitchen. He looked stunned then hurt then mad. We also did not know how sensitive he was back then – remember that we were all getting to know each other. I know now they were meant to be besties when there was no fisticuffs. There were low tone warnings to each other though. They reminded me of two tomcats in the alley sizing each other up and doing that weird growlmeowthing. Luckily the rest of the party went off without a hitch and good times were had by all. Full and fully liquored up the birthday boy even fell asleep by the fire outside and Jo and I said goodbye to guests for him. When he woke up he was sheepish but felt very loved by us. That was 20 years ago and the three of us are closer than ever. He has NEVER touched anything she has covered again though (and I’m happy to report she has never had to hit him again) LOL. Happy Friday Eve everyone and don’t forget to laugh. xoxoxo

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