Snow Kidding!

Oh how my little suburbanite offspring longs for snow. Last year we got one tiny sleet storm and of course I refused to let them play in that mess! It was wet and cold and nasty. I told them when a real snow came they could play outside. They never got another opportunity. While I always want to be a good parent I realized that sometime the joy gained is better than the mountain of regret. This winter they have been chomping at the bit as their cousins in the mountains have already gotten many snows. They are not jealous but happy for them. They understand geography and climate zones. However, they are still holding out hope that they may get snow in the Triangle as well. There was a brief flurry one day in neighboring counties but we never got to see it in our town. Today, the weather forecast calls for freezing rain and the POSSIBILITY of snow flurries tonight The youngest woke up and her first words were, “I am assuming there is no snow this morning, correct?” Such in your face honesty is a regular occurrence in my household. The hourly forecast for our area shows upper 30s in temperature and a steady rain. Around 8pm it “might” drop down to 34 and we MIGHT get snow. Yes, yes if there is even a tiny flurry of snow I will let them go out in it. I’m not going to have a repeat of last year. LOL I’m a firm mom but not a cold hearted one. I do hope there is enough accumulation that they can “sled” on our “hill” Saturday morning. That would be such a welcome distraction from all the ugly in the world lately. I do worry there is slim chance to see that magical white fluffy stuff as the window for snow is so narrow – 4 hours – 9 pm to midnight. Yikes! Still, my little weather bugs will check their phones throughout school today and hope for the best. For their sake I hope we get SOMETHING, ANYTHING. For me, snow is nothing exciting anymore. It just means a nuisance. Snow was very nice in South Korea. It was thick, fluffy and perfect for snow man making. As a kid I enjoyed mucking about in the snow and making snow people. By the way, do you know I grew up making 2 piece snow people only to come to the US and find most people made 3 piece snow people? Who would have thunk it? When we play Animal Crossing on the Switch we see a lot of nods to Asian culture and we saw that their snow boys were also just 2 balls of snow. You DO have the option of using a “recipe” to make a “3 tier snowman”, however. Did I get sidetracked again? Well look at that. LOL Once my military Dad made his way back to his home town in the mountains of NC we got snow ALL the time. Most years the first snow fell on my birthday on November 1. That was always a bummer. It meant my friends could not visit me because of road hazards. We lived in a hollow ON A MOUNTAIN and not many cars could trek up our private gravel road if there was snow. Sometimes snow did not stop until April which meant lots of shoveling, putting chains on tires to get to work, never knowing how to dress for indoors because the schools had antiquated heating systems. Snow meant soggy boots/shoes and dirty pants. Snow meant being housebound for a week at a time. Snow meant I would be forced to cook on the grill for Mama in my winter coat, hat and mittens because she liked grilled food even in winter. Snow meant having to get up even earlier to warm up the vehicle and get the inch thick ice off the windshield because school in the mountains were not cancelled because of snow. Snow meant I was suddenly popular because I had a four wheel drive (high school “friends” were so fickle!) Snow meant I was the only one at work sometimes because somehow I was able to get there on time but no one else was. I worked at a gas station so I was told I was essential LOL. Snow does not hold for me the delight it has for my children who see it rarely. I love seeing the twinkle in their eyes even at the mere mention of snow. So for them I say unto the makers of snow – let it snow. In our town, I know it will be gone in a day or two so I really do not mind. Wherever you are, if you love snow I hope you have it. If you hate it, I hope it stays away. Happy Friday!

Traditional Korean 2 piece snow people
Typical US 3 piece snow people

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4 thoughts on “Snow Kidding!

  1. I’ll join your team of snow lovers! I’m working in my sunroom today in hopes of seeing a few flakes! I don’t want to miss it⛄⛄❄️

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  2. No one ever came up our drive to visit, winter or summer. It was a difficult, long, and twisty dirt road. For me, Boone = loneliness and isolation.

    I love snow. We sledded, skied, played, skated, and snowball fought in it every winter.
    Probably the only thing I liked there (not including family). And since I now have awesome Vermont snow, Boone holds little charm for me.

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