Making Cards

I create handmade cards. I don’t make the paper itself but I craft cards out of paper. I started doing this on a lark because one of my friend’s friends sold Stampin’ Up products. It is yet another one of those at home businesses. The difference is most of the demonstrators do it just to offset their hobbies. No one gets rich from it but the company itself. LOL I have been to SO many at home parties for bags, home decor, clothing, makeup, jewelry, essential oils, etc. I go to be supportive but I always tell them that I probably will not buy anything. I’ve never felt pressured to purchase anything. The card demonstrators will invite you into their craft rooms in their homes for “classes” where they show you new methods and of course new merchandise. You pay a fee to cover some of the supplies but you take home enough cards to make it worthwhile. I really enjoyed these “classes” because it gave me an excuse to get out of the house (pre COVID days of course) and I got to be a little artistic. Then, the bug bit me and I bought a few things. I have the basic essentials. I am no longer beholden to just the Stampin’ Up brand and buy all sorts of different things even on WISH.COM and Ebay. I have not gone overboard and have sold older stamp sets or purged them by donating. I had a yard sale last year when the nicest older lady bought a few sets for herself and her “gang” that get together every Monday to make crafts and socialize. I couldn’t stand her sweet demeanor so I gave her the rest of the stamps for free. I’m a soft hearted person sometimes. She was so THRILLED. It made my heart feel good. Other than a few $3 sets from WISH I have not bought anything excessively. Even my most expensive tools were on super sale at Michael’s Craft store or gifts. One of my very good friends, who is a demonstrator, gives me her scrap paper when she cleans her craft room. I love coming up with cards to use up scrap paper! Her classes are so much fun – I miss them. Once I am vaccinated I hope to return to her home. She has such creative ideas and she never ever pushes the products. She is so kind she will bring me supplies to make cards at home during the pandemic! I make these cards not to save money (even though I do) but as a creative outlet. Everyone seems to really appreciate them as well. People tell me I should sell my cards but I don’t know if I want to do that. I would hate to have to make the same cards over and over and my drive is usually who the recipient is so making them for strangers seem weird to me somehow. This is yet another reason I will never be rich. LOL There are a ton of people with videos on Youtube and I use them often when I need a new idea. I have been obsessed with slimline cards lately. They are cards that are long and narrow that fit into business size envelopes. Most of the cards are 4×6. Yesterday, I watched some videos on fancy folds for cards so I’m excited about trying those out. I have become more adventurous during the pandemic as I find a bit more time to be creative. I’ve included a few photos of my creations. Some are not original ideas. Like recipes, you add your own flair to some ideas you find elsewhere. If you do not have a creative outlet you should find one. It is good for your mental and emotional health. You do not have to be an artist to make cards but you do have to be a bit patient. If you need a Stampin’ Up demonstrator try Tracy out – she is the bomb:

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