My Husband Talks In His Sleep

I know talking in your sleep is not a brand new phenomenon – many people do it. My husband is an expert champion at it though. LOL Sometimes it is just one word. “Clara!” That was a fun one. You know how early in your marriage you are likely to get more jealous? I wanted to know who the hell Clara was and he could not figure out why that name came to him in his sleep. Not only did the name come to him, he YELLED it and sounded really worried. WTF? I’m not a very jealous person but the urgency in his voice really grated me and caused me to pause. A few days later, he comes to me all excited and says, “I figured out who Clara is!” I braced myself for the horrible truth – is it a coworker he has fallen in love with? Is it an old flame he misses subconsciously? He looks at me dead in the eye and sincerely says, ” I think it is Dr. Who’s companion”. What the literal F? He was concerned for her safety blah blah blah I blocked the rest out. From that day forward I knew I had married the BIGGEST nerd on earth and I had NOTHING to fear. Here is a picture of Clara. Admittedly, she is awfully cute.

She was in danger and my husband was concerned for her safety LOL

What brought this funny story on? Last night my husband again talked in his sleep. This time he mumbled about algorithms, ratios and running tests off and on all night long. I am so sleepy this morning because he kept waking me up. He got really loud at one point and yelled, “You big fat dummy!” I will assume he was talking about himself LOL I knew he worked late last night in his home office but he must have been really cranking out some brain juice for it to bleed into his sleep. He either figured it out in real life or in his sleep and likely chastised himself for it?

Bless his heart, as they say in the South. . .my man is brilliant and his programming skills are rarely matched. His beautiful brain just keeps on churning even in sleep mode. Good thing I find intelligence sexy. Otherwise I would have smothered him in his sleep years ago. Love is blind AND deaf it turns out. Yawn! Did I mention I am sleepy? Wish me luck getting anything done today.

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