There Is Nothing Like Snow Business

Do you like snow? I do not. I know you think by now I hate everything but I do not. I love the crisp air of Autumn and the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet. I love the cool Spring morning air and the fresh new leaves on trees as nature wakes up. I have enjoyed snow in the past but now I’m so tired of it. This idea was brought on by a text from my friend in the NC Mountains. He sent me a video of his yard covered in snow and there was a strong wind pelting snow everywhere. Brrrr!

I of course replied with, “Snow – Yuk” and he said he loved it and my sister chimed in and said she did too. I used to like snow as a kid. In Korea I remember our winters being sunny and the snow being super fluffy and perfect for snow man making. My friends and I used to throw snow balls and make snow sculptures and I remember really liking it.

Then, my father moved us to the mountains of North Carolina. I swear it was cold from October until May. Eight months of cold was just too much for me. I know we had harsher weather because we actually lived ON.A.MOUNTAIN. Still, it was depressing. I was a teenager and no one came to visit me to play in the stuff and snow meant putting chains on my truck and driving methodically down the mountain to get to work in the freezing ass cold. Snow meant dirty slushy stuff being splashed on my truck. Snow meant being holed up in the house with only THREE channels on the tv. Snow meant I could not visit my friends. In the mountains during the 80s snow NEVER meant snow days at school though. Our school buses even used chains on their tires to get us to school. Not like now when there is a dusting of school and our entire Triangle Area shuts down. LOL

For some people everything looks magical when it is covered in snow. This white stuff covers all the dead brown lawns, adds sparkle to bare winter trees and it looks refreshing to a lot of people. I admit that when the first snow falls, I feel this magic too – just for an hour or two. Then idiots drive through it and make a mess and it starts to melt and the lawn gets mushy and muddy and the run off leaves gross puddles in my driveway which soaks and stains my shoes.

I know this blog entry will not make me popular with the majority of readers and I apologize if I am taking the fun out of your favorite season. But snow makes life harder for me. I have to dress warmly for the few minutes to the car and then swelter for the duration of my drive. Even if I leave the heater off it gets so hot so fast for me.

Snow also gets in the way of any scheduled activity. I like consistency. I do not like change very much. If I plan to meet a friend and the snow changes my routine it pisses me off. I know a lot of people enjoy getting to work later and having a good excuse but it frustrates me. I may not always love my job but I like getting there on time. It irks me when my schedule is disrupted.

Snow is dangerous. Sure, sure – laugh it up fuzzball. Call me MOM like everyone else does. Yes, I have all wheel drive. Yes, I have driven in snowy conditions and know how to handle myself but not everyone does. So while people who do not have to drive in it rejoice when it snows I just dread it. I know when I go grocery shopping some jack hole with 4 wheel drive is going to think he can do anything on the snow and make some jerky movement that will cause one of us to wreck. Even walking isn’t safe. I remember one of my coworkers fell on the side walk going to her car after her shift. She shattered her wrist. I also worry about the poverty stricken people who barely make it on their meager salaries. Heating costs a lot of money. Are they sleeping under a lot of blankets and still shuddering from the cold. Are the people who are living on the streets dying? See what I am saying? I’m sorry — this is what I see instead of Winter Wonderland.

Even snowmen lose their happy luster. At first it is so cute to see all these snow people pop up everywhere. Some are wearing hats and scarves, some funny dad has added breasts and a bikini to his snow gal, kids had fun rolling them around and making entire villages. Yay, right? No. Just no. Once the kids go inside the snowmen slowly start dying. They start looking like monsters. Have you looked out your window at dusk after they start melting? Shudder! Nightmare fuel.

Look at the before and after of this innocent looking snowman with a wig no less!

How the rest of the world see snowmen

How I see snowmen once the sun sets. . .shudder!

Most importantly snow means that Spring is not here and all my friends who suffer from S.A.D. have many months of depression before their mood is lifted. While I do not have this infliction it pains me to see them become gloomy.

So all you snow lovers rejoice if you must but please try to understand us snow haters. My kids are still waiting for the first snow fall and are writhing in jealousy as their friends in the mountains continue to share their photos of winter. I am secretly enjoying the snow staying away but I would never say that to them. I’m not THAT much of a Grinch.

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One thought on “There Is Nothing Like Snow Business

  1. I’ll meet you more than half way Bridgette! While I get excited about the possibility of snow, and love watching it fall, as a nurse I have never had a”snow day. I had to get to work no matter what. When my boys were younger,and I was a single mom, I had to worry about them being at home my themselves or finding a safe place for them to stay. I find the muddy mess after the first day depressing. So I am excited about spring coming soon!!

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