Yesterday I took a COVID-19 test. A friend that I walk with often is positive for COVID-19 and as a precaution I thought I’d better get tested. My doctor’s office could not see me until the day after so I made an appointment online for a CVS drive-thru. It was a very easy process. I drove up to the drive-thru window, gave them my confirmation code and they handed me a ziplock bag with a swab and a container. I put the swab up my left nostril about an inch, counted to 15 while rotating it back and forth then repeated in the right nostril. It made my eyes water and I sneezed afterward but that was it. I broke the tip of it in the test tube and oh so felt like a CSI LOL.

Once I got home I received an email invitation to sign up for an online chart service. I will know my results in 24-48 hours. It will probably be negative but it will be nice to know. While I was at it I had both the kids tested and my hubby plans to go tomorrow to take his test. None of us have symptoms but we would rather know.

My sister is a frontline essential health care worker so he has contracted COVID and gotten over it. She has had the test twice. I worry about her health but so far so good. She has had the first round of immunization and is due for the second any day. My friends in Washington State who are with the Fire Department also got their immunization. When it is my turn I plan to get it as well.

If you DO have to get the test know that it is super simple and the discomfort is minimal. I hope everyone stays healthy and COVID free! Here is a video that CVS sent me to prepare for the COVID-19 test.

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