Girl Scouts, part 2

So when Scouts BSA opened their doors to girls, everyone thought they were being so open minded and welcoming, when really all they want to do is build up their membership at the expense of Girl Scouts.

Many people don’t realize the differences between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Many people think we are 2 parts of the same organization. Of course, we’re not. We are very different organizations, with very different philosophies.

Scouts BSA ran ads recruiting girls that encouraged the confusion between organizations. Some of the ads even had pictures of girls IN GIRL SCOUT UNIFORMS.

Girl Scouts sued Boy Scouts. (

Boy Scouts says the law suit lacks merit. (hahaha! no merit badges for Girl Scouts! Good thing we don’t call them that!)

People think we are overreacting. But would Apple let any other company advertise their computer or phone, and show an Apple logo? Of course not. It’s obvious trademark infringement.

Even though I respect the majority of BSA volunteers, who are people just like me wanting to provide a great experience for young boys, and now girls, I definitely have a problem with the BSA organization.

People ask why don’t we just join forces and all get along. Hold hands and sing Kumbayah? I don’t think so.

Girl Scouts has no intention of allowing boys to join their organization. Everything in this world is boy oriented. Everything. Now, many girls have gone ahead and blazed a trail for other girls to follow, but all along the way it has been a fight. So Girl Scouts is determined to continue to offer a place just for girls, and a support system designed completely for girls.

If you’d like to read GSUSA’s info, check out:

Basically, girls need a place where they can be themselves, to learn on their own, with no boys around to steal their thunder, or take credit. It’s a free space, with no competition, just support – from the leaders and from the other girls. It’s an opportunity for the girls to pursue whatever they are interested in, because Girl Scouts is “girl led” not just following the rank system. Girls learn to speak up, and say what they want to do. And then a good leader helps them do it.

I have had parents tell me that Girl Scouts has been pivotal in helping their daughters, who were so shy they wouldn’t say 2 words when they started in my troop. As a shy kid myself, I know how hard it is to say anything in a regular classroom, full of people ready to mock you. But in a small group of girls, that you get to know well and call friends, it’s easy to start expressing yourself.

And selling cookies – I have seen girls grow from 5 year olds who would hide behind me at booth sales, to amazing young adults who could sell snow to an Eskimo. I truly don’t think these girls would have learned as much, and grown as much as they did if there had been boys in our troop.

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One thought on “Girl Scouts, part 2

  1. Having been a Boy Scout and a Boy Scout Leader, I have been able to compare the 2 organizations after watching you lead your scouts. I am glad that there is a safe place that girls can go to explore lots of options and gain the strength to do what they want in their lives and have great female role models. I never thought that is was a good idea to open the Boy Scouts to girls and after learning about all the abuses committed by some BS leaders, I just wonder if more abuses will take place, like they did when women started joining males in the armed forces.

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