How I’m doing…

The shingles is improving. The rash is gone, but the skin in that area is still numb, like a foot that’s asleep. No telling how long that will last, but it isn’t actively painful, so that’s good.

But I was still having pain, so after an ultrasound I have been informed that I have gallstones.

They are not blocking anything, and the gallbladder is not infected, so I have some time to figure out what to do. The doctor, of course, suggests having it removed. That is, the whole gallbladder. Which seems a bit drastic to me.

Since it’s a bit painful, but not going to kill me, I’ve decided to try a few other options before I get drastic and have it yanked out.

My first acupuncture appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday. We shall see if she thinks there is hope for solving this problem.

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2 thoughts on “How I’m doing…

  1. Good luck with the gallbladder issues. Sometimes I think I have them as well. I cannot eat greasy, spicy or heavy foods in general. Hope the acupuncture helps!


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