Snow Cometh!

Hail all frozen water lovers! Glory to the atmospheric temperature fairies who anointed us with below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0 Celcius) and the minimum amount of moisture in the air that allowed my children to experience this “magic” we call SNOW! (insert Holy Grail music here). LOL

Our ground temperature is still warm so it is melting fast but our County has made today an asynchronous day in Virtual Academy which means they can check in to class and still go out and play without calling it an official SNOW DAY.

For most people with hearts (unlike us Grinches) snow brings out the inner child. Playing in, riding on, and throwing snow at each other seems to help them remember that magic of snow. I think you are supposed to appreciate adulthood while you are doing it but I just mostly feel annoyed. I am in the minority, I know – I know, so I make sure my kids enjoy it without any snarky comments. When they were younger, I stood there and smiled and nodded as they told me over and over all about every aspect of what they enjoyed about snow. Then I would come in and clean up ALL their wet clothes, mop, make them cocoa and if it was cold enough start a fire in the fireplace. FINALLY, they are more than old enough now that I do not have to accompany them. HUZZAH!

Once both kids have had breakfast, checked in with their first period teachers, they can go out and do whatever they wish with the frozen water. They are capable of making sure not to track in snow and mud, they can change their own clothes and I can watch from the warmth of my house. Hmmm. . .maybe snow isn’t that b – nope, I still hate it.

I will agree that maybe I do not hate the snow itself. It is very pretty. It makes the landscape look peaceful. I guess I should say that I really hate the nuisance of snow. Walking in it, driving in it, clearing the car off so I can actually see to drive, drying sopping pants and boots, washing too many clothes, listening to whining when not enough falls for sledding. . .yeah, I should really change that to I hate the nuisance that snow brings. I mean people that hate mowing the grass do not say they hate the grass. . .they just say they hate mowing. Today, I turn a new leaf. See? I’m not hopeless!

Wherever you are, I hope everyone that was wishing for it and got lucky enough to get it are enjoying the magic flakes of snih, lumi, schnee, sneachta, snieg, nieve, sno, nun (눈)!

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