Please Excuse My Resting BEACH Face

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. So, I’ll share just a few words and then show you photos from my retreat. After 11 months of COVID quarantining this introvert finally needed to see a different set of walls. I packed up my two daughters and we headed to Kure Beach, NC. I rented a condominium from a VRBO – my first time using that service. I sanitized the hell out of the place and then settled in after buying all the food we would need from Publix – a COVID conscious store. Our unit was beachfront and it was JUST what I needed. I slept to the sounds of the waves gently crashing onto the beach, I walked on the sand in a light coat with the sun in my face, I drank hot tea on the balcony while looking at seabirds, the girls had a great time “vegging” and “loafing” in between walks on the beach and a reserved hour at the heated indoor pool. It was 4 days of much needed time away from home. The bonus is the hubs and Ivan (our cat) got some estrogen free alone time. Win.Win. I hope these photos give you a vicarious escape. Cheers!


Published by bridgey1967

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