Last night was our biweekly Tuesday night online gaming with friends. Five or six of us use Zoom to play and we have been enjoying 9Truths https://www.9truths.com. I found the game on a blog of course! LOL It’s a silly game but an easy one that we don’t have to struggle with setting up.

The game asks “provocative” questions and you share anonymous answers and if you want to you can share your truths or stories. Because we have been friends forever we are very honest with each other. I was surprised though that there were still things we didn’t know about each other. There are PG, PG-13 AND R questions. Thinking it was just similar to Cards Against Humanity I chose an R theme the first time and let’s just say it was a tad too revealing. We tried a PG one next and that one had really awkwardly worded questions that got in the way of fun so last night we chose a PG 13 version and that one was just right for us. There was still one question that caused me to squirm but everyone else handled it brilliantly.

It is fun to play with people over 40 and 50 because we just don’t give a shit anymore what people think. We are much more likely to be blunt and honest and it made for some fun conversations. Everyone was tired from working all day (except for me because I’m a bum) and at first I could tell we were just going through the motions. By the end of the game we achieved our goal – some laughter, checking in with each other and bonding.

So if you are bored and missing your friends or family play this free online game and find out if your friends may have seen a UFO, had sex with a coworker, been to a nude beach, stolen something from a convenience store and more things you THOUGHT you knew about them. Laughter is great medicine and we all need more of that right now.

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2 thoughts on “9Truths

  1. Hey – Thank you for the shout-out! And I’m genuinely glad you and your friends enjoyed playing my 9 Truths Game. I created my 9 Truths because I love games and I love hearing funny and interesting stories. So 9 Truths is my attempt to combine two of my favorite things.
    Also thank you for submitting some really great question suggestions. I’ll be adding them to Question Decks very soon.

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  2. Thank you Brian for reading my blog entry! We are enjoying your game. Thank you for giving us a way to socialize during the pandemic. You need to sell merchandise! I would gladly buy a T shirt. =)


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