Dream Catcher

Everyone has a dream and deserves to have their dream come true. Unlike the movies dreams do not come true because of a fairy godmother or because you win the lottery. Dreams come true when someone works hard, plans well, is determined and with a little help from friends and people who love you, a dream can be turned into a reality. Most importantly, you must BELIEVE in yourself and take that very scary first step and BEGIN.

I never thought I would fall in love with the English language. I was an immigrant and it was lonely not understanding anyone around me. That motivated me to learn faster and I conquered speaking American English fluently in about 6 months. Having an analytical mind, I began really pouring into what made this language unique and before I knew it I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in English. I took one step further becoming certified as a high school English teacher and taught American children English for 7 years. How do you like “them apples?” LOL

Writing was always an escape for me. Writing down my feelings, my weird thoughts, my worries, my dreams and my fantasies helped me when I didn’t have a sympathetic ear listening. Writing helped me to feel myself from the inside out. I had self awareness from the beginning even if I had not learned self love yet. My therapist once said that after the childhood I had someone like me would have easily become a crack whore or some other abhorrent reject of society. Instead, I survived and thrived because I was able to take care of myself from the inside out from a very early age.

The first time I wanted to become a writer was in 7th grade. I had friends ask me to tell them stories and to write them stories. While we were waiting for the second cycle of bussing to begin, we would wile away the time with my storytelling. I could make up stories on the spot and they were fascinated with how imaginative I was. When you didn’t like your reality, you got really good at escaping with your mind.

I toyed with writing off and on all my life and I have three non fiction “memoir” type books in the works. I would get serious and then block myself by saying things like, I can’t write this while Mom is alive, what if Dad is embarrassed, I need to be earning money or doing other things. My mother passed away around midnight before Easter in 2014. She was a tormented soul and she died in my father’s arms rather quickly and unexpectedly. That allowed me years of reflection and healing and I’m happy to say I can now recall funny happy memories of my troubled mother instead of having angst and pain. My beloved father – such a GOOD MAN – passed away on November 14, 2019 after a battle with lung cancer. I’m weeping just typing that. He was SUCH a great influence in my life and it was hard letting him go. I’m still healing from the grief but feel strong enough to write again.

So, a few weeks ago, I shared my plan with my hubs and he was supportive of my going for it. I am going to catch my dream – I’m going to write my first memoir, publish it on Amazon and hopefully sell a few copies. I do not expect it to become a sensation but I will complete a lifelong dream. Of course my first iteration of the dream included a giant publishing company “discovering” me and going on all sorts of book signing events and all that rubbish. Now I’m happy to know I can publish on Amazon stress free and the public can choose to buy or not without the marketing tricks. I will be satisfied if one person that does not know me buys a copy and says, “Thanks for writing that book. I can relate to it.” or maybe, just maybe someone will say, “You are a terrific writer. This was what you were meant to do”.

This blog was just what I needed to get that final push to go after my dream and I am so very glad you are all on the ride with me. I’ll let you know how it goes when there is something worth reporting. Until then send your positive vibes my way and cheer me on silently. I’ll feel it and hear it, I promise. I am the dream catcher.

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