The Dreaded Valentine’s Day

It is a day of love for many but for me it was always such a terrible day. Being a socially awkward kid I hated the forced exchange of tiny slips of paper in class knowing I would always get the reject ones. Back in my day (oh dear god I’ve become our parents) the teachers did not force everyone to prepare Valentine cards for each person so you were obviously skipped by the kids that actually did not like you. I don’t know which practice is worse.

In the US Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a time when lovers express their affection for each other with gifts and cards. I am assuming it is possibly a branching off of the Roman festival of Lupercalia. It celebrated the coming of spring in February and had fertility rites. Interestingly they also paired off couples by lottery. Oh, those forward thinking sexy Romans! LOL Then there is the story of St. Valentine but like all Christian martyr stories it is not as romantic.

In college a few of us single girls got together to have an ANTI-Valentine’s Day party since we were all miserable. Everywhere we went we saw pink hearts, red roses, candy and commercials about LOVE. When you didn’t have a boyfriend it was a constant barrage of failure messages. We piled into a single dorm room, ordered pizzas, drank rum and coke and danced around the room. The night ended of course with me puking my guts out. I can’t stand the smell of rum and coke to this day. Blech.

I have seen a lot of GALentine stuff in the past few years. It seems ladies have taken over February 13 to get together and drink? Do we really need an official holiday? Hell, for me EVERY day can be Galentine’s day. LOL Whatever you celebrate I think it is most important not to FORCE it.

As a mom, of course we celebrate this silly made up holiday. Kids love holidays because it means they get sweets. Let’s just be honest about it. Easter? Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. Christmas? Holiday cookies and candies. Valentine’s Day? Chocolates and perhaps cake. Kids know what is up.

Every year I get them a little something and a card and they seem to enjoy it. I try to make sure we have some heart shaped foods. This year they piled into my bed and we watched funny cat videos on Youtube. That was spontaneous and really sweet. I enjoyed it. I asked the eldest if she needs cards for anyone and she said – nah, I’m over it. Ah – 15 the year when everything is stupid. LOL

I hope today and every day you feel loved. If you do not, don’t forget that self love is the most important love. I wish I had known that 30 years ago. I finally love myself just the way I am. I don’t care what I look like, what I have accomplished or anything else. I have an appreciation for myself and I have a high regard for my own well-being and happiness. I try to take care of my own needs and I try not to sacrifice my well being to please others. It’s a great space to be. Don’t wait until you are in your 50s to love yourself start now – today. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to say to yourself, “Hey, you know what? You are great. I love you – me. . .erhm myself” xoxoxoxoxo Happy Valentine’s Day!

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