Back in my college days…

My sister and her then husband lived in Raleigh, so I would occasionally cruise down the mountain to visit them. I always stopped at the Dollar Mart in Deep Gap along the way.

That’s the Dollar Mart that Bridgette worked at, her Dad was the manager, and her mom had a small “flea market” business to the side of the main building. So I would always stop there, because the odds of getting to say hello to one of them was usually pretty good. Dad always let me “steal” a hot dog – I’m sure he paid for it once I left. He showed me how to check the pressure in my tires, to make sure I was good for my trip. Song always made me laugh, and usually had some piece of junk to give me. And of course, I always loved seeing Bridgette.

One spring, my car developed a horrible odor. I could not for the life of me figure out what was smelling. I hadn’t had any food in it, I cleaned out the trash, and looked around for anything that might have slipped under the seats – nothing.

Finally, we had a beautiful spring day and I didn’t have to work, so I decided to give my car a thorough cleaning. In the trunk I found a very large, quite rotten head of cabbage.

How the hell did I get I get a head of cabbage in my car? I know my memory is bad, but seriously, where did this come from?

Normally I love cabbage.
Photo by Laker on

And finally, I remembered. Months earlier, in the dead of winter, I went to visit my sister. I stopped at the Dollar Mart on the way back, and Song gave me a head of cabbage. She told me to “choppy choppy, cooky, cooky.”

When I got home, it was cold, so I just grabbed my duffel bag, and ran in the house. I’d get the rest of the shit out later. (You see where this is going, right?)

Of course I forgot the cabbage, but since it was winter, the thing just froze. Months later, it thawed, and slowly started to rot. Man, that smell was bad.

So what made me think of this story today?

My car is beginning to smell…

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